Our area of expertise is the production of voice output for a wide range of media products. In our recording studios designed specifically for this purpose,
we produce recordings of the highest quality, both in terms of technology and content. But our service is not only about the recordings themselves.
Our production teams supervise your project from its inception to delivery. We are your partner for its planning and execution,
and will create a solution perfectly tailored to your requirements.


We have decades of experience to draw on when it comes to dubbing video games.
From casual games for smartphones to vast open-world RPGs on PlayStation and Xbox,
we offer you just the right solution that lives up to your expectations.



The production of dubbed versions is the supreme discipline among voice recordings.
In addition to the stylistically perfectly localized content, an excellent dubbing must also be executed at the very highest technological standard.
Our specialists provide you with authentic language versions that will delight your audience.



Want to market your production with maximum media impact?
Planning an international advertising campaign on platforms such as TV, radio, cinema, and the internet? No problem!
We’re sure to strike the right note with our localized versions of trailers, teasers, making-ofs, and radio spots.



Looking for a distinctive voice for your documentary? Want to record your podcast in a professional setup?
Want to put your company in the limelight with an impressive presentation, or turn your audiobook into an immersive listening experience?
With perfectly timed and edited texts spoken by a wide selection of voice-over artists, we’ll give your production the right voice.


Rough translation

Our experienced translators start by creating a rough translation of the script. When preparing the texts, we ensure that they are suitable for the target language in terms of style and content, and that they are authentically localized.


Script creation

The next step is all about polishing the texts. Our script writers then rewrite the texts especially for lip-synced recordings so that they fit perfectly with the characters’ lip movements without any content or stylistic elements being lost.


Management of the source material/M&E checks

We check the source material for the completeness of its content and consistency, as well as for its technical quality.
Following this inspection we deliver a report, and should anything be missing or not meet the technical requirements, we will present you with suitable solutions.


Fixed point of contact for the client

Communication and transparency are of particular importance in project management. That’s why we provide you with an experienced project manager for your audio production who is always available to you and is your exclusive point of contact for all your questions regarding the project.


Project planning and cost control

In consultation with you, we put together a detailed plan for the project and will keep you updated at all times about
all costs arising from it . To achieve this, we work with appropriate tools and provide you with regular reports
so that you’re always kept in the loop.


Assembling the recording teams

Depending on your requirements, topic, and project size, we have specialists who contribute their experience and specific expertise to achieve the best possible results. We have a large pool of employees consisting of writers, directors, audio engineers, and editors, and we draw on these experts when putting together the right team for your productions.


Contract processing and assignment of rights

As part of the recording process, we handle the negotiations with the voice actors and contractually establish usage rights.
This way we ensure that you can use the audio material we produce for you exactly as you wish.


Auditions: database and live auditions

Of course, the success of an audio production lives and dies by its cast, especially when it comes to the lead roles. Thanks to our large database of voice talents, we can make suggestions based on your wishes and you are free to make the decisions yourself. Want the regular voice-over artist of a famous Hollywood star in your production, or perhaps the voice of a 65-year-old woman with a French accent? We can make that happen. To make your decision easier, we’ll send you the profiles of the voice artists we recommend along with voice samples from our database. If you wish, we can even organize test recordings with chosen candidates.



In addition to the main roles, there are usually many supporting roles and smaller roles that also need to be cast. Our experienced floor managers will be happy to handle this task for you. Our employees possess comprehensive knowledge of the voice talents in our database, and can quickly and reliably find a suitable voice to match a specified role. We will then present you with our proposals in a cast list for your approval.


Scheduling & voice actor bookings

Once the cast list is set, we’ll make sure that the selected voice actors are available for the scheduled recording period, and then draw up a production plan with exact recording dates in close consultation with you. Want to be there for the recordings? Not a problem. We’ll be delighted to welcome you to our studios—and if you can’t be there in person, we’ll set up a virtual link.


Recording studios

Our recording studios have been specially designed and built for voice recordings. The goal is to produce extremely “dry” recordings so that there are no echoes in the room or other background noises that can be heard in the recordings. Depending on your requirements, we have recording booths of various sizes and a wide range of high-end equipment to allow us to make recordings according to your specifications.


Dialog direction

Our directors are the pivotal figures in our recording teams as they are the linchpins of all decisions made in the production process, ranging from casting and the preparation of the script to directing the actors during recording sessions. Depending on the production type and genre, we have experts who specialize in certain subjects. Hence, the directors make a major contribution to the respective productions to ensure that we can deliver authentic and high-quality results.



With voice recordings there are manifold requirements when it comes to timing. Often we have to stick to the length of the source material, or we have a certain amount of leeway to deviate from the original. Lip-synced recordings pose the greatest challenge, where the result not only has to fit the timing but also match what’s on screen. We have the right tools for every kind of recording and we’ll produce the localized version in strict accordance with your specifications.


Synchronous editing

Following the recording, our experienced editors then take care of the finishing touches, ensuring that all segments are perfectly timed and lip-synchronous. In addition, the quality of the recording is reviewed and background noise is eliminated.


Individual file editing

Every project is different and has its own requirements as far as implementing voice recordings goes. We adapt to your needs and offer all kinds of individual file processing imaginable. Post-production attends to standards such as cleaning up unwanted noise and precisely naming the audio material according to your specifications. In addition, we also fulfill special requirements, such as adjusting the length of the localized audio exactly to the original files.


Audio editing

In addition, we can perform further processing of the individual files: matching the volume of the original, technical processing such as EQ, compression or de-essing, applying suitable sound effects, all the way to final mastered files which are ready for immediate integration.
We implement the technical and creative specifications that the project requires, and are also happy to work on collaborative solutions.



When watching a movie or series, or playing a new game, you should be able to enjoy the plot without wondering why the dialog sounds like a studio recording. To enhance the illusion and immersion, we make sure that all dialogs have the right ambience and are complemented with the corresponding effects, be it in classic stereo or in 5.1 surround.


Technical and content testing

What good are the best recordings when small errors creep into the audio files?
Clicks, pops, sniffs—common background noises that inevitably occur during audio recordings. In a series of test runs, our QA team ensures
that we detect and eliminate such noise to deliver flawless audio files of the highest standard.


Creation of the final script

The text that is to be recorded plays an important role from the beginning. From the translation to the screenplay to the final script, we document every change we make, be it changes to the text that occur while recording the audio, or alternative lines to give you, the customer, greater choice in the final selection of your audio files. Your final script provides you with the exact transcription of the recorded audio and can therefore be used directly for the creation of subtitles.


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