We value the fact that we do not simply translate your texts, we localize them.
A sentence that is hilarious in English probably will not seem so after it has been translated as is into the target language.
This is why it is important to adapt the text to the characteristics of the new language, and to find solutions that will be understood the same way
in the target language as they are in the source language.

 This is not only true for humour, but also for cultural and social characteristics of the country in question.


The Translators

Translation lies at the heart of our services; it is the key point of every localization. At the beginning of a translation project, we will assemble the perfect team, based on project scope and time constraints. Intense preparation precedes the translation itself. This involves careful research on the topics at hand and game background, as well as an in-depth review of information and documentation.

GlobaLoc works exclusively with qualified translators who are also games experts with considerable experience in their field. The field of gaming includes an additional specialization: genre. Different translators are familiar with different genres. Whether you wish to localize an RPG, a Strategy game, or a First-Person-Shooter, GlobaLoc will ensure that the translator working on your project is an expert in the field.



In addition to our translators exceptional specialist knowledge, we set great store by the fact that translation carried out by our company is done by native speakers only

GlobaLoc offers translations into over 25 languages and in a variety of language combinations:

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Before a translation leaves our company, it is closely examined by an additional translator. Editors do more than simply proof read; they ensure that the text is consistent and the style of the source language has been transferred to the target language.

This is particularly essential for large translation projects involving more than one translator.


Reviews & Updates

Have you had something translated, but are unhappy with the result?

Our experts will edit the text for you to give it the polish you are looking for. 
We can also offer you a solution in the event that the text needs to be updated or additional content added.



Console and hand-held games require special terminology that the hardware manufacturer defines.
Our translators are always equipped with the latest glossaries, and ensure strict compliance with terminology requirements in all languages.


Glossaries & CAT-Tools

Consistency of game specific terminology is incredibly important and plays a key role in determining the quality of a translation.
Place names, items, units, character names and more have to be used consistently so that players can play the game without problems and enjoy games to a maximum. According to your wishes, our translators will work with your glossary or create a new glossary of terms.
We also offer translations using CAT tools, such as Trados or SDLX, and can create a translation memory for you.


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